Hornibrook has been fabricating and erecting certified truss type bridges in PNG for decades. Examples of these sturdy bridges can be found along the Ramu Highway between Lae and Madang. With piled abutments and internal walkways, the bridges do not suffer the same wash-away or vehicular damage of the more temporary bailey type bridging, and in fact the Hornibrook bridging was designed specifically for PNGs particular conditions.

As well as the truss type of bridge which is fully certified to T44 loading. Hornibrook NGI also possesses the certified designs (both AS and PNG) and capability to produce:

  • Bailey bridge replacement parts for Old Bailey, Universal, Compact 100, and Compact 200 type bridges. This is successfully done because the original manufacturer of these old style bridges are UK based, and therefore replacement parts suffer both inordinately high cost and long lead times.
  • Bailey bridge repair and modification parts to modify and strengthen existing in-country bailey bridges to extend their useful life;
  • Kwik Bridge┬Ł girder bridges with up to T44 and L44 loadings. These are simple cost effective bridges based on two main girder beams, and which can span up to 30 metres clear span.
  • Fabrication and erection of specific purpose designed heavy bridge structures.
  • Footbridges which can have a 150 metre clear span.
  • It is important to note that all Hornibrook bridges are fully certified to Austroads 92 (amended) and PNG standards. They are tailored specifically for PNGs demographic and geographic environment for example, modern painting is used rather than the older galvanized surface protection for greater longevity and maintenance free operation. This is because galvanized structures suffer high corrosion in sulphurous environments such as those around PNGs many volcanoes.

Hornibrook NGI