Steel Fabrication

With a covered main workshop of 6,400 square meters, the company steel fabrication facilities in Lae are the largest in PNG. We service all levels of the steel market from small jobs such as security and spiked fencing, to major projects which include such diverse items as the processing tanks for Tolukuma, hard ore hoppers for Lihir, conveyors for Porgera, or pipe spooling for Chevron Kutubu.

Our capabilities are varied as our projects and include:

  • – Turnkey projects using partnering and subcontracted mechanical and electrical services
  • – The rolling of steel plate in the workshop up to 20mm thick
  • – Welding using stick, sub-arc, MIG and TIG processes
  • – The Fabrication to Aust (AS) and US (API) standards, of a variety of steel alloys (e.g. Bisalloy wear plate), steel grades, stainless steels and aluminium
  • – Workshop or on-site blasting of steel using steel shot or garnet
  • – NACE qualified corrosion management advice and services. This includes such projects as the repair and repainting, of Lihir CIL tanks with a hard glass flake paint to protect the mild steel shell of the tanks from the abrasive material being processed
  • – Electronic transmission of AutoCAD workshop drawings to minimise delays
  • – On site erection using our fleet of cranes up to 90 tonne, scissor lifts, mobile welders, generators, and compressors
  • – Project specific QA processes to ensure conformance & quality
  • – Master reference Index (MRI) documentation
  • – Sea container or tank container repair, servicing and recertifications
  • – Qualified tradespersons and supervisors for hire, where plant shutdowns or on site modification and maintenance demands create a peak workload for skilled and speedy production.

Hornibrook NGI